Esprit Yoga Biscarrosse - Biscarrosse Plage

Plage Sud- Parcelle de la colonie 40600 BISCARROSSE PLAGE

Take some time to recharge this summer ☀️🌿

Surrounded by the smell of pine trees, the sound of waves 🌊, and sea air, Biscarrosse is an energizing place just as much as it is conducive to relaxation.

Take a breath, reconnecting to yourself by taking advantage of the benefits of nature...

My name is Margaux, I am 27 years old.

Convinced that mobility is one of the keys to good health, I naturally adopted a lifestyle combining sport, nature, and healthy food, so yoga has been part of my life for 4 years now. 

I purpose yoga sessions in nature in Biscarrosse (lake, South and Vivier beaches with sunrise and sunset sessions available as soon as possible).

How does a session work?

Turn your brain off and let your body work ✨

1) It's time to reconnect to yourself, to leave daily concerns to be fully here, connected to the present moment 

2) I will guide you for some breath work to be connected to your body 

3) After warm up, the postures (Asanas) will be done in a specific order to release body tensions

4) Time for a calming relaxation that allows your body to integrate the benefits of the session

Yoga Session

Find the planning of sessions from 1st July to 28th August (2022) :

(Need to book online, or by email : or by instagram private message : Esprit Yoga Biscarrosse)

- Lessons for all levels - 8 person maximum


⛱️ 9:15 AM - Lac de Maguide 🌊 (meeting place "restaurant Les docks du lac") - Hatha Yoga


⛱️ 9:15 AM - Lac de Maguide 🌊 (meeting place "restaurant Les docks du lac") - Hatha Yoga

🌅 8:30 PM - Plage Sud 🌊 (meeting place "restaurant Mama Fredda") 


⛱️ 8:45 AM - Plage Sud 🌊 (meeting place "restaurant Mama Fredda")

🌅 8:30 PM - Plage du Vivier 🌊 (meeting place "parking du Vivier") - Hatha yoga